What is curry?

The word 'curry' is an anglicised version of the actual word 'kadi', which likely came about from prounciation difficulties of this Indian word.

'Kadi' means gravy. It can be a thick or thin liquid made with varied spice contents; and can be a sweet, hot, sour, bland or exotic tasting dish. Certain dishes that have a significantly reduced or no gravy content are usually described as a 'dry curry'.

Flour should not be added to thicken a curry. If there is too much liquid and the gravy looks 'watery', then one of the following is recommended. If there is no danger of overcooking the meat, just remove the lid of the saucepan and cook on a higher heat until the extra liquid evaporates. If the meat has cooked enough and there is too much liquid, take out the pices of meat, and let the juice or gravy evaporate on its own as above. Mashed potatoes can also be added to thicken a curry.

Click here for one of our curry recipes to tickle your taste buds!  This recipe can be used for any of our unroasted curry powders.


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