Woh, that's spicy!

You may exclaim as such when describing the chilli-heat in a dish, but in actual fact, not all spices are hot. Most dishes can be altered according to personal "hot" preferences by reducing or increasing the hot spices such as chilli, pepper and mustard.

Spices come in many forms – ground, whole and crushed – and have many uses. Spices should be used subtly so as not to overpower the senses and mask the delicate and separate flavours your dish(es) have to offer.


Handy Tip:-

When cooking with spices, it is essential that they be added to the cooking process at the correct moment. If the spices are pre-roasted then you do not need to fry these further and therefore can add these spices at a later stage of the cooking process. If the spices are unroasted, then you will need to fry them before adding the remaining ingredients in the required stages. Our roasted and unroasted Fijialla spice blends are a perfect example – click here for a guide recipe.


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